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innovative, competent, direct – the Transtec GmbH
Since its foundation 1991, TRANSTEC Elektroanlagen GmbH stands for highest quality at development and production of electrotechnical components with an emphasis on manufacturing toroidal transformers.

During the first five years of its existance, TRANSTEC established itself as an outstanding producer for the low-voltage halogen lighting industry. The many decades encompassing experience of its staff members enabled the enterprise to continuously evolve into today’s well-known transformer specialist. The steady growing customer base includes many well-known companies out of the power supply-, medical equipment-, audio-, and solar-industries, as well as customers from a variety of other industrial areas.

Professional competence, highest flexibility and quality have brought forth that in the 21st century TRANSTEC is being consulted by its clients far beyond the development of transformers also for the compilation, development and manufacturing of customized electrotechnical components.

Competent development work, high quality and short-term production, as well as customer friendly distribution and service of electrotechnical components with an emphasis on toroidal transformers lets TRANSTEC's customer base steadily grow.
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