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  Technical Details
Accessories: Current Monitor  ABGEKÜNDIGTES PRODUKT
Control Element: Relay 250V / 6A
Range of Performance: 50....300VA (400 VA)
Range of Temperature: 0.....50°C
Nominal Voltage: 230V ± 10%
Special Voltage: 120V ± 6%
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Typ. Circuit Time    
Overload- / Underload: 900ms
Short-Circuit: 70ms
Disconnection Load: < ± 40VA
Allowable Load: Inductive
Technical Data
Type Power (max.) Weight (kg) Dimensions (mm) Item-No.
Length Width Height
STR-300 300 0,150 68 45 22,5 492-9300-001
STR-400 400 0,150 68 45 22,5 491-9300-002
Functional Description:
Through automatic monitoring of the connected lamp power the Current Monitor STR-300 (400) offers a reliable and intelligent protection for 12/24V Low-Voltage-Systems. Short-circuits, over- and underloads lead to the immediate disconnection of the system. Damage to the installation and/or the transformer are being avoided.
The Current Monitor is installed between the light switch(es) / dimmer and the power line of the transformer. The Current Monitor “learns“ the connected lamp load at the time the system is being switched on.
Variances in the load are being detected and taken into consideration through a dimmer, the function of protection remains fully in tact. The reconnection after troubleshooting happens through the turn on of the system.
Initial Operation:
1. Connect the apparatus in dead-voltage condition to the primary side of the transformer according to the conection diagram.
2. Install the desired lamps. Please take heed of the maximal power of the transformer.
3. Systems with dimmer: Dimmer always to be adjusted to the full luminous intensity.
4. Turn on your light switch / dimmer. The control monitor learns the connected power and turns off after approx. 5s for acknowlegment. The red LED is shining.
5. Turn off your light switch / dimmer and then switch it back on. The Control Monitor in your system is now ready for operation and will reliably be monitored.
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