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Open Low-Voltage
Toroidal Transformers
Center-Potted Low-Volt.
Toroidal Transformers
Fully-Potted Low-Volt.
Toroidal Transformers
Mounting Kit
Noise Filter Choke
Switching Module
Switching Module for
High-Voltage Applicat.
Current Monitor
Starting Current Limiter
  Technical Details
Design: Low-Voltage Transformer encapsuled in premium, robust aluminum housing with cooling fin surface for optimal heat emission.

According to DIN VDE 0750 (EN 61558);
all connections inlying; SEC with 500 mm long wire connection (transparent) for external feeding onto the lighting system.
Thermoswitch 130°C in primary circuit; NTC-inrush current limiter and sideways accessible safety fuse 5 x 20 mm.

Optional with Automatic Controler (STR) or Switching Module (UM).
Input Voltage: 230 V ± 10% according to IEC 38
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Output Voltage: 11,5 V (at rating conditions)
Connections PRI: In junction space lying clamps (max. 2,5 mm²)
Connections SEC: Isolated, transparent tin-plated flexible wire, 500 mm in length, 6,0 mm²
Power: 200, 300, 400 VA
Ambient Temperature: max. ta 60°C
Accessories: Mounting kit; substitute fuse
Miscellaneous: Individual Packaging includes manual
Standard Version
Type Power [VA] Weight [kg] Dimensions LxWxH [mm] Fuse Item-No.
HRi-200 200 4,45 180x175x90 TT 1,6 A 999-9470-400
HRi-300 300 5,20 180x175x90 TT 2,5 A 999-9580-400
HRi-400 400 5,80 180x175x90 TT 2,5 A 999-9701-400
Standard Version Including the Integrated Triple Switching Module
Type Power [VA] Weight [kg] Dimensions LxWxH [mm] Fuse Item-No.
HRi-200/UM 200 4,75 180x175x90 TT 1,6 A 999-9546-401
HRi-300/UM 300 5,30 180x175x90 TT 2,5 A 999-9580-401

Standard Version Including the Integrated Automatic Controller


Type Power [VA] Weight [kg] Dimensions LxWxH [mm] Fuse Item-No.
HRi-200/STR 200 4,60 180x175x90 TT 1,6 A 999-9470-402
HRi-300/STR 300 5,35 180x175x90 TT 2,5 A 999-9580-402
HRi-400/STR 400 6,10 180x175x90 TT 2,5 A 999-9701-402
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