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Open Low-Voltage
Toroidal Transformers
Center-Potted Low-Volt.
Toroidal Transformers
Fully-Potted Low-Volt.
Toroidal Transformers
Mounting Kit
Noise Filter Choke
Switching Module
Switching Module for
High-Voltage Applicat.
Current Monitor
Starting Current Limiter
  Technical Details
Accessories for Halogenlight: Noise Filter Choke
Voltage*: 50 V ± 10%
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Ambient Temperatur: ta 60°C
* Max. Ambient Temperature 40°C
Open Version, without Mounting Kit
Type Power Weight (kg) Dimensions (mm) Item-No.
Total Copper Ø Outer Ø Inner Height
RK-NF/200* 200W 0,25 0,10 55 27 18 790-0605-001
RK-NF/300* 300W 0,30 0,12 57 24 31 790-0600-001
RK-NF/300 300W 0,30 0,13 65 27 22 790-0629-003
RK-NF/400 400W 0,32 0,15 65 23 24 790-0629-007
Fully-Potted Version
Typ Power Weight (kg) Dimensions (mm) Item-No.
Total Copper Ø Outer Ø Inner Height
RK-NF/300 300W 0,40 0,13 68 6,0 30 790-8629-008
RK-NF/400 400W 0,42 0,15 68 10,5 30 790-8629-011
Functional Description :
TRANSTEC's Noise Filter is used to reduce interfering transformer noise, in case a dimmer is being used in front of the transformer to regulate the light (regulation of brightness through leading-edge control).
The Noise Filter is practical for transformers that are being used up to 400 VA power. For appropriate application the Noise Filter has to be connected in between dimmer and transformer in series.

*Since the Noise Filter is connected in series with the user, the occuring maximal series fall of voltage is mentioned here.

The Noise Filter allows the reduction of noices coming from the transformer; however, it is not possible to fully eliminate the noises.

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