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Toroidal Transformers:
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Toroidal Transformers:
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Single-Phase DC
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  Technical Details
Single-Phase DC Power Supplies

Input Voltage:

90-265 V AC


47-63 Hz

Output Voltage:

24 V DC

Max. Ripple:

0,5 % RMS

Degree of Efficiency:

> 85%


EN 60 965/ EN 55 022/ EN 55 011
EN 50 081-2-2/EN 61 000-4-2

Test Voltage:

3,75 kV

Protection Class:



B (130°C)



Protection Category:

IP 20
Technical Data
Type Power [W] Current DC [A] Voltage DC [V] Dimensions AxBxC [mm] Weight [kg] Item-No.
KSR 30-24 30 1,2 24 115x40,5x90 0,340 499-9SNT24-005
KSR 60-24 60 2,5 24 115x40,5x90 0,350 499-9SNT24-010
KSR 120-24 120 5,0 24 126x63,5x125 0,630 499-9SNT24-015
KSR 240-24 240 10,0 24 126x83,0x125 1,000 499-9SNT24-020
Ultra-compact, industrial single-phase power supply for electronic applications, which require a stabilized DC-Voltage. Developed and tested according to standard norm EN 90 950.
Standardtypes with universal input voltage range (90 - 265 V) and adjustable output voltage of 24 V DC.
Easy installation, snap on-assembly on a 35 mm DIN top hat rail or fastening on a mounting wall. The switched mode technology offers compact design, minimal weight, high efficiency and a low ripple (Ripple < ± 0,5 %). The device is short-circuit proof.

Industrial control, automation technology and other applications which require a stabilized DC-Voltage.

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