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Toroidal Transformers:
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  Technical Details
Accessories: Starting Current Limiter (Inrush Current Limiting Unit)


230 V ± 10%


50-60 Hz


Encapsulated within insulated housing

Protection Category:

IP 00

Technical Data
Type Max. Power [A] Weight [kg] Dimensions LxWxH [mm] Item-No.
ESB 250/3 3 0,050 41x26x7,5 390-8001-005
ESB 250/8 8 0,150 68x58x22,5 492-9500-003
ESB 250/16 16 0,180 68x58x22,5 492-9500-060
ESB 250/16 16 0,450 77x45x110 492-9500-002
ESB 250/20 20 0,500 100x90x35 492-9500-030
Functional Characteristics:
Caused by physical properties of certain magnetic material charecteristics, it may happen that some appliances experience a high inrush current flow the moment they are switched on, which may effect line fuses or circuit breakers to fail. Starting Current Limiters (SCLs) are used to inhibit this effect. Up to the sum of the rated current it is possible to conclude several consuming units or working areas in order to manage the power supply of the complete system.
Operating at the nominal voltage the SCL works with a typical resistance in series with line power and consuming units. Thus a limited current can flow. Depending on the feature of the SCL after approximately 3 periods have passed, either the current limiting resistor (Negative Temperature Coefficient - NTC) trips to its lowest level, or it will be passed by with relais contacts. At this moment the consuming unit will be connected without any obstacles to the line voltage.
The SCL has to be connected in series to the line power supply with the consuming unit. On/off switching must be activated only to the input of the SCL.
For a reliable operation and to prevent an overload of the unit, the operating procedure requires that the switch needs to remain in the off position for at least one minute inbetween the turn off/on operating procedure!

General Recommendations:
For small power applications most of the time it is sufficient to use a NTC as an SCL. This component will be supplied in an insulated housing with two terminating lead outs. They are easily to connect to the transformers terminals. Special applications are available if desired.

For higher power applications we recommend the use of an SCL which is completely built in a housing with terminal blocks.

They are available for a quick mounting assembly on rail mounting devices or for multiple mounting purpose. Specials solutions are available for medical applications if necessary.
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